Friday, April 2, 2010

coffee poolish

Been a while since I have bothered to record my experiments but this one needs a bit of space/time because it is quite tasty.

All of the moisture in this bread is dark-ish coffee. I was completely experimenting with the amounts based on what others have said and almost hit perfect 1st time out.

Wife thinks this is awesome as is, I think it needs a bit more coffee and am going to try instant next time so I can get the "right" amount

MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm)

Title: 1025 coffee poolish
Yields: 1 loaf
Cooktime: 50 minutes
Preparation Time: 1 day
Categories: bread, poolish, coffee

20 gr coffee, ground coarse
143 gr HOT water

140 gr flour
1/10 gr yeast, dry, active
137 gr poolish-coffee

290 gr water
32 gr coffee

197 gr dough coffee
1 x poolish
15 gr salt, sea
60 gr molasses, dark
1/2 gr yeast, dry, active
332 gr flour
15 gr VWG

* make the poolish coffee in a French press
* when cooler than 90°F add to the yeast and flour
* mix well
* seal and ferment overnight (this was 27 hours this time)

* make the dough coffee in a French press
* when cooler than 90°F pour into the poolish and stir to loosen
* mix in the salt, molasses, yeast
* mix the VWG and flour well

* pour the wet team into the mixer bowl
* add the dry team in ~3 installments
* mix well after each installment

* knead for about 10 minutes (the extra protein worked up will help the loaf have some form as the coffee acids break the protein down a bit
* rise for 1 hour
* stretch and fold
* rise for 1/2 hour
* stretch and fold
* rise for 1/2 hour
* stretch and fold
* rise for 1 hour
(3 hours total batch ferment)

* roll out onto a parchment paper in the roaster oven
* proof for 1 1/2 hours
* turn the heat up to 450°F
* bake for 50 minutes
* let sit on a rack until the moisture can not be seen rising from the bread
* enjoy

Rating: 4.5/5 stars
This is not exactly what I imagined so it is docked 1/2 star

Source: my head


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