Sunday, June 20, 2010

best garlic bread so far

Since nobody uses Mealmaster any more I am going to suspend the use myself and see what happens.

You know that pictures follow the recipe.

Total moisture: 69.3% (flour and water only)

weights and bakers-percents° are exact after the fact, measures are guesses at best.

Temperature of my house was ~66°F the entire time. Humidity was around 60%.

41.05% / 195g / 6.6 fluid oz | water
41.05% / 195g / 1.6c | flour
0.02% / 0.1g / half a pinch | active dry yeast

mix well and let sit in a sealed glass or plastic container at just around 90°F for ~20 hours

100% / 475g / shy 4 cups | flour
61.05% / 290g / 10 fluid oz | water
2.11% / 10g / 1.75 ts | salt (I used sea salt¹)
0.11% / 0.5g / 1/8 ts | yeast
6.32% / 30g / 2tb | Parmesan
0.46% / 2.2g / 2ts | white pepper
6.32% / 30g / 2tb | vital wheat gluten
1.05% / 5g / 1.5 tb | garlic (dry chunks²)

* Add everything except the flour and gluten to the poolish and mix very well.
* pour the poolish into stand mixer bowl.
* mix gluten and flour very well
* add the dry ingredients to the poolish and mix well in three or so batches.
* 3 hour total batch ferment in the following time increments with a stretch and fold (knead) after each³
** 1 hour, 30 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour
* 90 minute proof in the oven at ~100°F after being scored/docked/slashed
bake 450°F for 40 minutes, then steam every minute for 10 minutes⁴

(0) bakers percents or bakers math is not as complex as people make it out to be. Simply assume that the main flour is 100% of the total recipe and figure the percent of all other ingredients as a percentage of that amount.
This method allows easy scaling as long as any inseparable ingredients such as eggs are kept whole the whole recipe will work the same.
Note that cooking times probably need to be adjusted by 1/4 the scale adjustment in the same direction (doubling the recipe will approximately 1.25 multiply the time )
(1) I originally put less salt in because the cheese is very salty, this amount is corrected after tasting the bread
(2) since garlic kills yeast and this bread has 4.5 hour of fermenting I use dry chunks to keep from killing my yeast
(3) I generally keep this in the mixer bowl and my stretch and fold is usually done with a large scraper, pull a chunk up and fold it into the center, pushing down, spin the bowl and repeat two or three circles of the bowl.
(4) I steam by spraying a mist from a water bottle 5 sprays for each minute, close the oven and wait until next minute

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