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Ciabatta with a poolish V1.0.1

This accidentally ended up being Wife's favorite "regular" bread so far.

Picture after recipe.

Life kept interfering in such a way to once again make a happy accident.

The pre-ferment was 24 1/2 hours.

This has a most unique taste which certainly deserves a bit more experementation. Not quite "sour" but certainly not quite "white" either.

Slightly more grainy or nutty taste, a very thick hard crust and soft chewy center.

MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm)

Title: ciabatta with a poolish 1.0.1
Yields: 1 loaf
Cooktime: 35 minutes
Preparation Time: 1 day
Categories: bread, poolish, Val-fave

136 gr flour, white
136 gr water
1 speck yeast, instant (1/10 gr or 1/32 ts approx)

-----------------------------FINAL DOUGH-----------------------------
318 gr flour, white
9 gr flour, vital wheat gluten
195 gr water
9 gr salt
1/2 gr yeast, instant (heaping 1/8 ts)

* The night before, dissolve the yeast into the water for the poolish, and then mix in the flour.

* Cover and let it ferment at room temperature for 24.5 hours. (measured temp at 75F over the whole time)

* Once the poolish has bubbles breaking on top and has started to wrinkle, it's ready. It'll also smell ... really nice - sweet and nutty.

* For the final dough, measure out the water and pour it into the poolish to loosen it up.

* Then pour the entire mixture into a bowl.

* Mix together the salt, yeast and flour, and then add it to the bowl as well.

* used the kitchenaid this time, added the dry team to the poolish+water in 3 installments, and kneaded until nothing stuck to the bowl.

* (still in the mixer bowl) At one hour, using a spatula fold the outside edges over the center and dimple, followed by two more every 30 minutes.

* Then let it ferment for one more hour, for a total of 3 hours bulk fermentation.

* Remove the dough onto a parchment paper covered flat surface (I used the double thick air-bake tray I intended to bake on), and pat it out into a rectangle, carefully degassing any truly gigantic bubbles that you notice.

* Let it rest for about 90 minutes. (ended up being about 80 minutes)

* Tranfer to the oven, dimpling it with your fingers.

* bake at 450 degrees with steam for about 55 minutes or so.

* Let it rest one hour before slicing.

Rating: 5/5 stars

Source: my head,


Overall formula:

* White flour: 100%

* Water: 73%

* Salt: 2%

* Instant yeast: 0.36%

* vital wheat gluten 2%

* 30% of the flour is pre-fermented as a poolish at 100% hydration
with .07% yeast

Submitted by JMonkey to Jan 5, 2008.

Made with guidance from "bread" Jeffrey Hamelman


* follow recipe with all lehi roller mills turkey brand unbleached
hard wheat flour

* 30G of flour contains 3g protein

* added 9g (1 TB-ish) vital wheat to final dough

* added 15g water for the vwg to drink

* life once again got the better of the situation. pre-ferment 24.5


The picture is a single slice as it is disappearing rapidly. Anyone who wants to donate a USB microscope with variable focus would certainly earn high praise and my un-ending gratitude ;) (Linux compatability would be a bonus).

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  1. Thank you so much! Wow, your bread looks great :)