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ciabatta with a poolish v1.1.0

(picture of this mess at the bottom as usual)

Bread baking in our house is becoming a VERY complex undertaking fraught with interruptions and little things that accidentally turn out very good in the end.

This was supposed to be following the v1.0.1 recipe but with rye flour for the poolish. I was told that I needed to add a bit more water to both the poolish and the final dough.

On hindsight I think half the water I added to the poolish would be perfect for the whole loaf.

Then I didn't turn the gas off in the proofing box (a regular gas oven) that we need to use because our house is kept frigid year round for the final proof (cat distractions) so ended up turning the temp up all of the way after about 15 minutes of what should have been the 90 minute final proof. Very nice crust even with the stress fractures from the bread trying to rise inside the hard shell.

I think that adding a little more water than this recipe, spreading/rolling it VERY thin and calling it crackers would be a good use of this accident as well. There are a couple of strips where the dough was slid on the parchment when I was trying to arrange it that reminded me of some rye crackers from my childhood.

VERY tasty, quite sour bread. The poolish was fermented for 27.5 hours after we had a vet appointment that somehow slipped my radar when planning everything.

This is a happy accident as the long sour/ferment on the poolish lends a rich sour flavor that makes this bread quite tasty from all alone to covered or smothered in anything else in the house sweet or savory.

MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm)

Title: ciabatta with a poolish 1.1.0
Yields: 1 loaf
Cooktime: 35 minutes
Preparation Time: 1 day
Categories: bread, poolish

136 gr flour, rye
176 gr water
1 speck yeast, instant (1/10 gr or 1/32 ts approx)

-----------------------------FINAL DOUGH-----------------------------
353 gr flour, white
9 gr flour, vital wheat gluten
245 gr water
9 gr salt
1/2 gr yeast, instant (heaping 1.8 ts)

* The night before, dissolve the yeast into the water for the poolish,
and then mix in the flour.

* Cover and let it ferment at room temperature for 27.5 hours.

* Once the poolish has bubbles breaking on top and has started to
wrinkle, it's ready. It'll also smell ... really nice - sweet and

* For the final dough, measure out the water and pour it into the
poolish to loosen it up.

* Then pour the entire mixture into a bowl.

* Mix together the salt, yeast and flour, and then add it to the bowl
as well.

* used the kitchenaid this time, added the dry team to the
poolish+water in 3 installments, and kneaded until nothing stuck to
the bowl.

* (still in the mixer bowl) At one hour, using a spatula fold the
outside edges over the center and dimple, followed by two more every
30 minutes.

* Then let it ferment for one more hour, for a total of 3 hours bulk

* Remove the dough onto a parchment paper covered flat surface (I used
the double thick air-bake tray I intended to bake on), and pat it out
into a rectangle, carefully degassing any truly gigantic bubbles that
you notice.

* Let it rest for about 90 minutes. (ended up being about 80 minutes)

* Transfer to the oven, dimpling it with your fingers.

* bake at 250 degrees with steam for about 55 minutes or so.

* Let it rest one hour before slicing.

Rating: 3/5 stars

Source: my head,


Overall formula:

* White flour: 100%

* Water: 73%

* Salt: 2%

* Instant yeast: 0.36%

* vital wheat gluten 2%

* 30% of the flour is pre-fermented as a poolish at 100% hydration
with .07% yeast

Submitted by JMonkey to Jan 5, 2008.

Made with guidance from "bread" Jeffrey Hamelman


* follow recipe with all Lehi roller mills turkey brand unbleached
hard wheat flour

* 30G of flour contains 3g protein

* added 9g (1 TB-ish) vital wheat to final dough

* added 15g water for the vwg to drink

* life once again got the better of the situation. pre-ferment 24.5


* rye flour for poolish, turkey for everything else

* way too wet think next time only the additional water in the poolish
may be needed and maybe only 20 grams

* accidentally baked in what was supposed to be final proofing box.
and turned the temp up as soon as this was discovered but too late for
a good rise.

* very dense but VERY tasty bread


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