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Mocha Mousse (Pie)

There is a post later on that describes a bit of what this recipe format is...

MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm)

Title: Mocha mouse (pie)
Yields: 1 serving
Categories: WAB, dessert, treats

1 pk Yogurt starter
1/4 c. Undutched cocoa
1 oz. Unsweet chocolate
1 pk Unflavored geletain (optional)
1 3/4 c. Brown sugar
2 Chocolate pie crusts (optional)

SLOWLY Warm the cream, cocoa, chocolate, (optional gelatin if you will
not be able to serve frozen, desire a firmer mousse, etc.) together
to 180 degrees and hold for two minutes. DO NOT BOIL (see over whipping below)

Cool to 110 degrees, add yogurt starter. incubate in a yogurt maker or
a quart jar in water bath (double boiler type setup) at 110 to 114
degrees for 8 to 12 hours (depending on desired tang, longer time =
more tangy but you will also have some solid bits of cheese start to
form after 8 hours)

Add the brown sugar stirring slowly until disolved (but don't whip the
cream yet!), refrigerate for 8 hours. If you want a warm mousse you
can whip now and serve but you will not get a very firm mousse even
with added gelatin served warm for obvious reasons.

Whip to stiff peaks, BE CAREFUL not to over whip .

You are now ready to serve if bowl is the desired delivery vehicle,
spoon into two pie shells or cones, etc., freeze until served.

Source: my head

Note: overwhipping is not always a bad thing, the butter you separate
from the mousse is pretty darned good on its own and the liquid left
over is pretty good too!

Originally designed for my final project for school, and then a friend
suggested fermenting the cream and after some experimentation this is
the result of that.

*** you must use whole real dairy cream not the kind you buy in most
supermarkets, and un-dutched cocoa (not processed with alkali) or the mouse
will not set up correctly.

The thickeners will cause pockets of goo in the final product or you
will have a soup unless you double the gelatin depending on how much
of the cream is thickeners.

The alkali used to lighten cocoa will kill some of the bacteria needed
to make the final product awesome and can cause spoiling in some

Most supermarkets carry "un-dutched" or "dark cocoa" cocoa, and health
food stores or local small dairies will have real cream. In my area
the non-BIG-chain grocers also have cream without the caragenan or
other thickeners.

Yogurt starter is available in health food stores in freeze dried
packets, or you can use LIVE yogurt (1 TB = 1 pk) with no flavoring
(some vanilla yogurts will also work but sugar in even small amount
can cause problems and will cause major problems in large quantities
while fermenting)

If you prefer a softer mouse you can keep in the refrigerator however
this will not keep as long, and is much harder to handle.

In the refrigerator it behaves just like whipped cream unless you add
the gelatin.

In the freezer it behaves like ice cream without the gelatin.


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