Thursday, November 5, 2009

Very possibly my favorite turkey stuffing ever

This is probably among the best foul stuffing recipes I have ever created or eaten.

The story included in the notes is left in for color and because without it the stuffing is just another good stuffing to me ;)

MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm)

Title: foul stuffing from Garden Ave V1.1p
Yields: 1 batch
Preparation Time: 1/2 hour
Categories: WAB, stuffing, Will

1 x loaf sour dough and/or french bread
1 C rasins
3 sweet apples finely chopped
3 sour apples finely chopped
1 lg onion

--------------------BRUSHING SAUCE PARTIAL RECIPE--------------------
2 tb oregeno (dry)
2 tb sweet basil (dry)
pepper ground to taste
1 ts chili powder
1 tb dark soy sauce
1/2 C honey
2 C chicken stock

Chunk the bread and let it sit out in the air to get mostly dry. (I let it sit overnight in a cloth covered bowl)

chop apples and onions and toss together (will keep the apples from rusting as rapidly as normal).

Add the basil, oregano, pepper, chili powder, soy sauce to the chicken stock and warm to about 180 degrees. Add the honey and remove from heat

add the apples, onions, and raisins to the bread and mix well.

slowly add the chicken stock mixture, you may not use it all!!

You want the bread to be moist but not soaked so there is still some ability to soak up the juices from the bird.

Stuff and enjoy!

I tend to use the left over stock with a little additional honey as a brushing sauce while cooking the bird

Rating: 5/5 stars

Source: my head

I know that it often made not acceptable these days to stuff a turkey, however *I* still do it as often as I can (no holiday needed to convince me to stuff a bird and roast away). If you are in the "no stuff" crowd then by all means don't stuff you can enjoy this recipe without even getting it close to a bird.

I have also made this quite acceptably in vegan versions (substitute chicken stock with your favorite option)

I will post V2.0 of this recipe later on, same ingredients but many are toasted... not sure why but this one is still my favorite of the two, though other recipes have been my favorites with toasted goodies first.

The first thanksgiving we lived in Salt Lake (on Garden Avenue) a friend was living with us and for many reasons none of us would be spending time with family that weekend.

I made this stuffing out of literally what was in the house at the time and the bird came from one of our work (probably ONE reason why we didn't do thanksgiving with family one or more of us worked for the bird LOL).

The house had this awesome built-in convection oven. As a bonus anything cooked in that oven spread the smell throughout the neighborhood.

Val and friend went to get vegis etc. and I set about cooking.

So the sweet little old lady across the street came over begging for my wifes recipe and she WILL NOT take it from me nor believe I cooked it up. Finally in desperation she asks: "have your wife bring me that wonderful smelling recipe when she gets back". Val finally took it to her, and even from VAl's mouth she would not accept that she was only the messenger LOL


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