Tuesday, November 24, 2009

review: Super China Market

An Asian market we stumbled upon recently.

Super China Market
115 W. 9000 S. Sandy,UT 84070
Local: (801) 255-1118
Fax: (801) 255-6777

We stopped on our way to the vet and walked the whole store rather quickly. We gather this store is less than a year old. It is way out side of our normal path but well worth the extra gas/hassle to pay them a visit.

This is probably the largest area of any Asian store in the Salt Lake valley.

FRESH produce including some of the most beautiful daikon and young coconuts either of us have seen.

* more fresh mushrooms than I recall ever seeing in one place in this state.

*1 full aisle each (both sides) beverages of all kinds

* 1 full aisle (both sides) noodles

* 1.5 full aisles (3 sides) cookware, service-ware, appliances.

* very well stocked fresh and live meat department (even the big boys don't often have live seafood around here) Including crab and lobster at very reasonable prices.

* 0.5 aisle sauces of the miscellaneous type (plumb, fish, bbq, etc.)

* 0.5 aisle just devoted to soy and soy like sauces flavored and not.

* 0.5 aisle frozen products.

* 1 to 1.5 aisles (across regular aisles) packaged meats including some very interesting 'boil in bag' type udon noodles with stock, goodies, etc. like instant ramen but with udon noodles.

* 1 full aisle candy, crackers, cookies, etc.

* a fresh deli and restaurant which smelled quite divine and looked about the same.

and finally various other tidbits on the end caps and at the front of the store including some videos and seasonal/decorative items

The prices seem very reasonable, especially for the fresh produce and meat.

More when we return so we didn't keep XYL's cat waiting at the vet (she was already mad enough at us LOL).

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